Thursday, February 28, 2013

Neat garbage

Why do some people fix their garbage and garbage cans neat if it is only garbage?

No garbage can covers

Why do some people put their garbage cans out with no covers? Won't the garbage fly away?

Learn answering machines

Why are answering machines still hard to use after all of these years?

On the answering machine

Why do people get mad when you let a phone call go on the answering machine? Isn't that the purpose of an answering machine?

Car sales pitches

If used cars are such a good bargain, then why is the sales pitch so high all the time?

Tennis ball boys/girls

How come tennis ball boys/girls don't get paid a lot of money? You would have no tennis match without them.

Good luck?

Why do some people say good luck to their opponent before a sporting match or a game? Don't they want to win?

Aged reunions

How can a reunion be a happy thing many years later when everyone is so much older?

Small names on maps

Why are the names on the street maps index so small and hard to read? Why don't they make them bigger?

CEO paychecks

Why do CEO's of a business get the biggest paycheck when the workers do most of the work?

Dark color clothing

Why do some people wear dark color clothing like black all the time? Aren't dark clothes for funerals?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sure afterlife

If some people are sure of a great afterlife in a wonderful place, then how come they want to live here as long as possible to an old age?

Talking spirits

If some psychics can talk to the dead, how come they have to ask the living family members questions about their dead loved one?

Psychic lottery

If psychics can tell the future, how come they can't win the lottery?


If there is an afterlife, then how come none of the billions of dead people ever visit us here?

Horse racing online but no poker

Why is horse racing betting allowed online but not poker, if poker is more popular than horse racing?

No luck poker

If poker is not a game of skill and just luck, then how come some people never win at it and some win all the time?

Junk mail

Why is junk mail increasing when nobody likes junk mail and just throws it out? Isn't it a waste of money to send the mail to people?

Rude people online

Why are people shocked when people are rude online? It is just like in real life.

Select your own seat

How come you can't select your own seat when you eat in a restaurant when you are the one paying for the meal?

Water at restaurants

Why do they serve water at restaurants before a meal when nobody drinks it?

Barbecue food in restaurants

If barbecue food is so good, how come it isn't served in restaurants?

Safe bikes

If safety on bikes keeps improving, how come they don't make them the safest to begin with?

Women better looking

How can women be better looking than men when they have to wear makeup to look good?

Women TV tans

Why are women on TV always tan but the men never are?

Doctors always right

Why do doctors think they are right all the time when nobody is perfect?

Paid to talk

Why are talk show hosts paid millions a year just for talking when anyone can talk?

Female Einstein

If men and women are equal in IQ, then how come there is no female Einstein yet?

No politicians

If politicans are no good, then how come people who are not politicians never run?

College and work

How can you play off your student loan by working while you are in college if you are studying all day?

Jail for life

If putting someone in jail for life would solve the problem of repeat offenders, then how come nobody does it?

Age of consent

Why is the age of consent different in all states? Are people more mature in certain states than others?

Different speeding limits

Why are speeding limits different in all states? Are drivers better in certain states than others?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Older generations

If people were not as smart hundreds and thousands of years ago, how come we are still here then?

Late repairmen

Why would a repairman get mad if they come to the house late and you complain? Do they expect the customer to be happy they waited home for nothing?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

End of world

Why does the world have to end? What if it goes on forever?

Life in space

Why do people dismiss alien life on other planets when there are billions and billions of planets in the Universe?

The pet is the baby

Why not just get a baby if you treat a pet like a baby?