Monday, September 6, 2010

Pens in pockets

Why do people still keep pens in their shirt pockets when they know they may leak?

Starting a business

If starting your own business works, then how come most people never do it?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wearing shorts in winter

Why do some people wear shorts in the winter?

Dirty winter cars

People who drive around with dirty cars in the winter so that you can't even see out the windows.

One item shopper

People who go out to get just a few items of groceries every other day rather than do the entire shopping at once.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fast food on planes

How come fast food chains don't sell their food on planes? Wouldn't they make a lot of money?

Haircuts all the time

Why do people get a haircut again when it looks like they just got one two weeks ago?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Small bike seats

Why do they make bike seats so small? Your butt hurts on them.

Dress this way

Why do people tell others how to dress when they dont know how either?


Why say your speechless when you just said words?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flower names

How do some people know all the names of flowers when most look similar?

High flying

How is it possible some people are not afraid of flying? We weren't born up in the air.

Endless eating

Why do people eat more than they have to? Doesn't that just waste money?

Short boots

Why do some people buy really short boots in the winter when the snow will be higher than the boots?

Sunday, June 6, 2010


How come some streets don't have a sidewalk? Where are you supposed to walk then?

Crossing streets

How come crossing a street is still hard for everyone even after all these years?

Labels wear off

Why make remote controls so the button labels wear off? How do we know then what was on the button?

Same weather forecast

How come all the weathermen always say the same forecast? Doesn't anyone have a different opinion?

Keep moving

Why do people keep moving when there is no perfect place to live?

Blond hair

Why do most women on TV wear blond hair? I thought it is best to look different and stand out?


Why do women have to wear makeup to look good but men don't?

Health claims

Why put false claims on food labels? Don't people not trust you then in the future?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Look at eyes

Why must you look at someone's eyes when you talk? Do eyes get insulted if you don't?

Serious life

If life is serious, why do people laugh all the time?

Expensive cars

Why do car prices keep going up? I thought when someone buys enough of a product, the price drops?

Leaking pens

Why do pens still leak after all of these years of making them?

Money riches

If money is so important, how come they don't tell you how to get rich in school?

Tip toes

How can anyone be quiet and walk on their tip toes?

Grow teeth

How come teeth can't grow back but bones can heal?

Not funny bone

Why is a funny bone called a funny bone when it is not funny when you hit it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Big shipping boxes

Why do they ship small items through the mail in big boxes?

One cashier

Why have just one cashier in the supermarket in the morning? What if someone has an entire wagon full and hold up the line?

Meat and potatoes

Why call someone a meat and potatoes guy when most don't eat meat with potatoes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smart people

How come people want their friends to be smart, but don't mind if the animals they keep as pets are dumb?

Airplane seats

If the airplane seats are tight, how come they don't make them bigger?

New style shoes

How can a new style shoe sell so well when most styles look the same?


Why not reduce the taxes so people have more to spend and invest?

Healthy foods

Why dont they make all foods healthy? Wouldn't they sell more?

Electric cars

How come we still don't have most cars that are electric, yet we can fly to the Moon?

Coffee record

How can coffee still be so popular after all of these years?

Why change?

How can change be good when it just adds more stress?

Dirt driveways

How come some people have a dirt driveway? Don't the cars get dirty on them?

Pouring paint

How come paint cans don't come with a spout so you can pour the paint without getting it all over the floor?

Late for work

How come people don't leave earlier if they get to work late all the time?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Redesigned math

If math is so hard, why not design it over and make it easier?

Cooking in school

If food is so important to survival, how come they don't teach you in school how to cook?

Last years car models

If the new models are improved, then what was wrong with the last models?

How can it be?

If dreams are not real, how come you can feel emotion and sense when you are in them?

How can it be good?

If the job is so good, how come they are always looking for people?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Why bet when the odds are always against you?

Hard math

How can something with only numbers be so hard to understand?

Boneless chicken

Why serve chicken with the bones when you can't eat them anyway?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


How can a sale be a great thing when you are still spending money?


If cooking is so important, how come almost nobody knows how to cook?

Spin the bottle

What happens if you spin the bottle and it lands on you?

Turned up

How can someone be turned down for something, but yet there is no turned up for anything?

Seasick and homesick

Seasick means sick at sea. Why is homesick called homesick? Homesick means you miss your home.


How can there be a word like perfection when perfection does not exist.

Paint cans

Why are paint can handles so thin when the can weighs a ton?


If football is played mostly with your hands, why isn't it called handball?

Bad weather

Why complain about bad weather? Rain is necessary or nothing would ever grow.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Why is eggplant called eggplant when it does not grow eggs?

Friday, April 16, 2010

All liars

Why call someone a liar? Everyone lies at some point anyway.

Beautiful flowers

How can flowers be as beautiful as people when most look the same?

Tall boots

Why do some people wear such tall boots? We never have snow that high anyplace.

Be polite

Be polite? Don't people already know that so they won't get into an argument?

Coffee hit

If coffee is such a big hit in the morning, how come nobody tried to come out with something like it to make money?


If cosmetics work, then how come we all aren't in beauty pageants?

Be cool

People always say to be cool. Don't we already know it is best not to lose our tempers?

Unused pools

Why do people build pools in their backyard and never go in them?

Bathroom manners

How come a cat can be trained in bathroom manners but some people can't?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Secret formula

If there was a secret formula to life, then why are we all not rich?

Sea monsters

Why worry about a sea monster if nobody lives in the sea?


If change is so great, how come people like to stay at the same job forever?

Space flight

Why do we fly up into space if everything in space is level?

Later blinkers

Why do drivers put the blinkers on the moment they get to the turn rather than before the turn?

Tax codes

If we can write complicated tax codes, how come we can't figure things out that are far simpler?


Why worry so much in the rain that your hair gets wet? I'm more worried someone won't see me crossing the street.

Dirty cars

Why spend time washing a car so much when it doesn't care if it is dirty?

Computer knowledge

Why do people expect you to know the computer? Is it knowledge we were born with?

Old friends

How come people go to old high school reunions to see friends? How can they be a friend if you haven't seen them in ages?

Fix it

How can some people be able to fix their car themselves but can't fix a computer which has far less parts?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chicken legs

Aren't chicken legs a good thing? Don't we want to be fit?

Old school reunions

Why go to a high school reunion when when you can't remember anyone after 20 years?

Change of address

Why fill out a change of address form? So I can get all the junk mail now at my new house also?

Cute baby

People always say cute baby. How can everyone be cute though?

Yearbook pictures

Why do people take a school yearbook picture when years later they will say they looked terrible?