Sunday, July 31, 2011

No money down

If you can buy a house with no money down, then how come some people don't own a house?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Short power cords

Why do they make the power cords on some things so short? It is almost impossible to reach the outlet sometimes.

Not resigning chess games

When you are ahead by many chess pieces, and you have to trap the king and play until the very last move. The other player can't win so why does he bother to still play?

Game show audiences

Why go to a game show and watch other people win money instead of you winning it?

Not enough power

If they say some frozen foods take longer to heat in a lower watt microwave, then why aren't those microwaves made more powerful?

Tar pebbles

How come they don't sweep up the small tar pebbles after they patch a pothole so they don't hit your car?

Almost bald haircuts

Why do many people get an almost bald haircut? Why not just shave it all off, do it yourself and save the money?

He can't solve his own problems

Why do people think a new president can solve all of our problems when he can't even solve his own?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not enough time

If they always say we have run out of time when a guest is on TV, why not have a guest on longer or continue it tomorrow?

Not normal

People who don't think you are normal. But how do they know they are normal if there is no standard of what is normal?

Really smart

Maybe the lowest IQ people are really smart, and the highest IQ people are just really really really really smart.

The best art ever

What if someone makes art that is a hundred times better? What happens to the to the then best artists?

Same catalogs

Why do the same companies keep sending you a catalog each month when you never order?

Broken sidewalks

Why are some sidewalks left broken? Where are you supposed to walk then?

Keyboard labels

Why does the print wear out on keyboard labels? How do you then know what key are you hitting? Why not make it so it last the life of the computer?

Power buttons

Why do they make those red power on buttons very big on some TV sets? It distracts from what you are watching.

Clothing styles

How can clothes be a style you want when they were not designed by you?

Gambling riches

If gambling works, then how come people go to work?

Good art

How do we the top art is the best? Maybe everyone else is just really terrible at it.


If certain statues offend people, they why do they look at them?

Christmas sales

Why do some people complain about Christmas. If there was no Christmas, most stores would be out of business.

Anything is art

If anything can be called art, then why aren't we all called artists?

Diet programs

Why do people spend money on diet programs when the big secret is all you have to do is eat less?

Fast food?

Why do fast food places label themselves fast food when most people associate fast food with bad food?

Never win an argument

Why do people still always argue with someone that they can never win an argument with?

Good fast food

How can you expect fast food to be good when it is made in a few minutes?

Barbecue food

Why do people like barbecue when the food turns black?

Business out of business

How can businesses create jobs when one business puts the other business out of business.

Dark space

Why is space made dark? What would happen if it was all lit up?

Quiet air conditioners

How come room air conditioners can't be made more quiet after all these years?

No more bench seats

Why are front bench seats no longer made on cars when they are more comfortable?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UFO's here?

How could UFOs be smart? Who would want to come here if we are fully armed?

Backup traffic lights

How come traffic lights don't have a battery backup when home alarm clocks do?

Long lights

Why do some traffic lights stay green on a road for 5 minutes when nobody uses the road?

Car exhausts

Why are car exhausts on the back left side of a car? So the driver behind can breathe in the fumes?

Darker car windows

If most people like darker car windows for sun glare, how come cars don't come with darker windows to start with?

Saving on sales

Sales on items only make you buy more. So how do you save money from a sale if you are buying more?

In clothes

Why do people tell you to buy certain clothes just because they are in style when they will be out of style later on?

The same people on TV

How come the same people on TV are on multiple shows? Nobody else knows how to talk?

Time to pave

Why do they wait to pave the roads until there are holes everyplace but they tell people to pave their driveways each year?

The same pens

How come after all these years pens are still made the same way with no improvements?

Never move

Why do people complain about where they live but never move?


If college is necessary for a good job, then how come some people don't go?

Free walking

If walking is the best exercise and free, how come they keep making exercise machines?

Good cooks

If anyone can learn to cook from a cookbook, how come nobody is good at it?


If playing sports is a rare talent, how come so many people can play them?

Flying into space

How can we go into space when we already are in space?

Paint smells

Why make paint that smells when nobody likes the smell?

New language

Why not invent a language the entire world can understand so we don't need language translators?

No gas

Why don't they ever improve on the bike designs since it uses no gas?

Big size clothes

Why do they just have big sizes in stores all the time when most people are not XXL?

Loud commercials

If people turn the volume off on loud commercials, how come they keep putting loud commercials on? Nobody will hear about their product.

Smart people

How do we know we have really smart people in the world? Maybe the bottom people are just really dumb making them look smart.

No pizza on planes

Wouldn't airlines make a fortune if they sell the top fast food, pizza on planes? How come they don't do it?

If everyone had their own business

If everyone started their own business, all companies would be out of business with no workers.