Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bike riders

People who ride bikes facing the opposite side of traffic. How can someone not remember to go with the traffic?

Three out in street

People who walk three out in the street even while cars are coming down. Isn't that dangerous?

Buying a new computer

Why buy a new computer all the time just to get the latest model? A new one is out of date before long also.

Cars in street

Why do some people still like to leave their cars in the street even if they hear the snow plows coming?

School and work

People who expect you to go to school and work at the same time. What if some people can't do both well enough?

All get married

People who get married just because everyone else in the family has gotten married.

Winter driveway paving

Why do some people wait until the winter to pave their driveway when it is freezing cold outside?

Broke and stay

People who don't have money to live where they are but yet don't move to a cheaper state.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

They never vote

People who complain about the election results but never voted their entire life.

Live audio problems

How come live audio on TV is sometimes still a problem even after all these years?

Riding mower

People who use a riding mower when they have just a small area of grass to cut.

Gum throwers

People who throw gum on sidewalks and parking lots. What if I step in it?

Bad and nice

People who act bad towards other people but still expected to be treated nice.

Mowing wet lawns

Why do some people mow their lawn when the grass is wet?

Drivers and snow

Drivers who drive with the snow still on their rear window. How do they see out the back?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not checking labels

People who buy food without checking any ingredients on the label. How do you know what you are eating?

Driving and cell phones

Driving and talking on a cell phone is dangerous and does not make much sense to do.

Arms out car windows

Isn't it dangerous to put arms out of car windows with people driving and walking in streets?

Ride the right

People who drive in the left lane of the highway slow when the right lane is the slow lane.