Sunday, July 21, 2013

Alien's hair

How come in no pictures of aliens do they have any hair on their heads?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Red turning lights

Why do traffic lights always turn red when your car gets near a few hundred feet of them?

Small remote buttons

How come they don't make the remote buttons bigger so you can see them?

Crime doesn't pay

If crime doesn't pay, how come some people do it?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Thousands of laws

If the human race is more civil than animals, than why do we need thousands of laws?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Joking font

Why isn't there a font online to use if you want to write a joking sentence?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sun power

Why does the Sun make your hair lighter but skin darker?

Health books

If health books work, whey do they keep making new ones all the time?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pizza boxes

Why is a pizza box square and the pie is round?

Rich people and millions

Why do people keep making more millions after you have enough to live? Do they take the money to heaven?

Monday, July 8, 2013


How come in the obituaries they never tell you how the person died?

Famous people clothes

How come a lot of famous people dress crazy?


How come people have curfews but animals don't?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Magic shows

If there is no magic, how can their be magic shows?

Medical miracles

The only medical miracle is if all diseases are cured.

Travelling salesman

What salesman does not travel?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Booty call?

How can a booty call anyone?


Why is a laptop called a laptop when nobody keeps it on their lap?

Dog days

Dog days mean bad days for us, but what if the dog is having a good day?

Talking animals

If some animals really talked, wouldn't it be world news?

Birds of paradise

How can there be birds of paradise when there is no paradise?

Holy cow!

Cows do not believe in any religion, so how can they be holy?

Holy moley

What exactly is moley?

Natural beauty

How can someone be a natural beauty when everyone looks the same?

Pretty smart

Does pretty smart mean you are good looking and smart?


If something is priceless, does that mean you can get it for free?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Popular pizza

If pizza is one of the most popular foods, how come many fast food places do not sell it?

Thursday, July 4, 2013


If someone dislikes one twin, do they have to dislike them both?

No longer a kid

At what age are you no longer a kid? The human body does not tell us what it thinks.

New shoppers

Everyone has went to a store before, there is no such thing as a new shopper.

Nervous witness

What person is not nervous on a witness stand?

Never sick

How can someone never be sick? We can't live forever.

Nasty virus

What virus is not nasty?

Age differences

How can there be an age difference in anyone? The body doesn't know how long it has been here.

Larger size clothes

With so many larger size clothes available at stores rather than smaller sizes, does that mean we should all gain weight?

The nicest people are actors

How will you know for sure if they are actors?

Adult toys

If a lot of adults buy toys, how come they are all marketed to kids?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hard childbirth

If childbirth is hard, how come nobody finds a way to make it easier?

Fast good food

Why is fast food not good food? What would happen if it actually was good food?


If bartenders listen to other peoples problems, then who does the bartender tell his problems to?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Why do people drink anything with alcohol in it when alcohol taste alwful?

War and peace

How come war and peace are always mentioned together when they are total opposites?


If everyone is a crook, then who do you trust?

Ziti sauce

If there is a spaghetti sauce, is there also a ziti sauce?

Holes in socks

If socks always get holes in the heels, why don't they make them that way to start with?


What happens if a person being rescued didn't want to be rescued? Is the person still called a hero for saving them?

Animal trainer

How can someone be a professional animal trainer and train animals when we are animals also?


If nobody likes neighbors, why does everyone live next to them?

Bad luck

How can some people have good luck and not bad? We ALL have bad luck. We won't be alive one day.


If you win an award on a show one year and lose the next year, does that mean you are now terrible?


Why is copyright so hard to understand? Just don't copy what is not yours.

Birthday old

Why do people celebrate birthdays when they are one year closer to death?

Dangerous world

If a zoo is dangerous, than what is the outside world called?

Going to heaven

Why do people worry about going to heaven if they will be dead?

Library still around?

How can the library still be around when the Internet is out all these years?


How can anyone have longevity when we all die?

Medical advice

If you are given medical ADVICE, does that mean it is just a guess?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Subliminal ads

If subliminal ads work, how come everyone is doing what we don't want them to do?

Space race

What really is the space race? We are all racing towards getting to empty space.

Tax forms

If taxes are so hard to fill out, how come they don't just make one form instead?

First love

Why do so many want to find first love when they don't know what it is like?


If reincarnation is true and we lived before, how come in this life we have to learn how to do everything?

Toilet seats

If women like the toilet seat down and the men up, how come they don't make two different toilets in each house?

Heavy toilet seats

Why are toilet seats made so heavy to lift up if you use them all the time?

Swiss cheese

Who put the holes in swiss cheese? They must be good, they are perfect circles.

Stop signs and lights

If many people don't stop at stop signs, how come they don't put in lights?

$7 haircuts

Why are there $7 haircuts? Are they not as trained as the $40 haircuts?

Baby weight

If some babies are born overweight, how come they are not on a diet?

Late people

How come people who are always late just don't leave earlier?


If crusies are so good, how come the airlines are not out of business yet?

Cafeteria food

If cafeteria food is so good, then how come it is not sold as fast food?

Smart computers

If computers are smarter than us, how come they never correct us?

Bury crap

How come cats always bury their crap but some people don't flush the toilet?

Famous people booking

How come when famous people are on one show in the morning, they are also on others? How do they get booked the same day on different shows?


Does the fact that perfume sells so well mean most of us stink?

Life is a coin toss

If life is like a coin toss, 50-50, then how come most people lose?


If everything in life was easy to understand, why is there the word clarify?

Ranked golf caddies

If golfers are ranked, how come caddies are not?